Publications (List of)


  • Short Story | ‘Διχασμένος’ (trans. ‘Split’) in Crime & Horror, vol 5. My story featured as the title story for that volume.
  • Postgraduate Conference (UoDundee) | Interdisciplinary Forum (UoDundee) |  Presentation: ‘This is your brain on Autobiography: Detective Fiction, Neuroscience, and the Self’


  • Interview | Greek literary blog Θεματοφύλακες Λόγω Τεχνών.
  • Flash fiction | Greek literary Website, Culture Book. | Story Title: ‘Πλατεία Περιστεριών’
  • Poetry contest (1st place) | Greek poetry contest ‘The Kiss Venture’ | Poem Title: ‘Αλάτι στα Μάτια’.
  • Flash fiction | Emblematic Greek literary Magazine ΕΝΤΕΥΚΤΗΡΙΟ, vol 120-121. / Story Title: ‘Συμπληγάδες’.
  • TED talk transcript Translation | (English to Greek) | As a volunteer for MAPS, I translated Rick Doblin’s talk titled ‘The future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy’.
  • Poetry translation | (Greek to English) | Esteemed Greek literary website Culture Book, Two poems by Triantafyllos Kotopoulos for the 3rd Patras Poetry Festival.


  • Flash fiction | Greekliterary magazine Book’s Journal, vol 94. / Story Title: ‘Μην κάνεις πως δεν ακούς’.
  • Reading | Short storyreadingin ‘8η Λογοτεχνική Σκηνή’ festival, organized by the emblematic magazine ΕΝΤΕΥΚΤΗΡΙΟ.


  • Short story contest (1st place) | Greek contest, published in respective anthology (ISBN 978-618-5271-75-6).


  • Short story contest (unranked distinction) | Greek contest, published in respective anthology (ISBN 978-618-5278-04-5).


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Writer. Pharmacist on the side.

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