Three Poems, by Manos Apostolidis (Publication @Φτερά Χήνας)

Read the poems here.

But before you do, let me express my gratitude to Giorgis Saratsis, editor and owner of Φτερά Χήνας (Goose Feathers), the beautiful and elegant literary journal that hosted my poems. Apart from his hospitality, I’m also thankful to Giorgis for a thought he shared during a private conversation of ours, a thought on poetry. I cite my translation of his words below, with his consent.

“Let’s write simply, that’s the only rule. Let’s write only when we have something to say. We usually don’t. The universe is brimming with self-referential empty words. Even triteness can at some point be read, or sound good—but at some point it tires us out. And we all live in a tired literary scenery. In short, if poetry isn’t (or doesn’t become) a philosophical meditation, then it isn’t poetry. Oftentimes the reverse is also true. I’m not talking about didacticism. I’m talking about verse and its reason for existence.”

EDIT: Many thanks to Dimitris Troaditis in Melbourne and his literary blog tokoskino for re-posting.

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Writer. Pharmacist on the side.

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